Suzette Hosken

Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor


TOPIC – Tai Chi

DATE – Monday 30 November 2020

TIME – 3.15pm – 3.35pm



Suzette Hosken began her tai chi journey in 1995. Prompted by chronic pain to look for a gentle, strengthening and calming exercise, Suzette quickly learned to love tai chi and qigong and appreciate the many benefits. Given her history of pain, fatigue and injury, Suzette has a special empathy for those who have their own challenges. She likes to teach students how to modify the moves to suit their own bodies’ needs and ensure that the moves are achievable while being true to the original intent of the form. With education in anatomy, massage therapy and fitness, Suzette understands the human body and its frailties well. She also well understands that we can surprise ourselves and find that we are capable of so much more than we thought.

Suzette runs face-to-face classes in Surrey Hills, North Balwyn and Eltham and has recently discovered that Zoom classes work well too! She has produced many videos that are freely available on the Jade Lady website and YouTube channel. Her classes and videos focus on the peaceful, calming and mindful aspects of qigong and tai chi while also acknowledging that tai chi is ‘strengthening by stealth’. Each student is encouraged to decide how hard they want to work based on how their body (and brain) feels on the day.

Suzette has learnt and teaches with Celestial Tai Chi College which has 16 classes around the Melbourne suburbs. She runs the Celestial Tai Chi Eltham Centre.