Mel Spencer

CARER, Co-Founder and Executive Officer
Different Journeys

TOPIC – Navigating Life and Care

DATE – Tuesday 1 December 2020 

TIME – 7.00pm – 7.45pm



Mel Spencer is a parent of three children who have a diagnosis of ASD. Her background is 18 years with Victoria Police. She has become a tireless advocate for her children and many others. She is very passionate about making a difference and finding creative ways to overcome the challenges and obstacles that present along the way. More recently Mel has completed several Certificates IV’s in Disability and Small Business Management.

Mel is the co-founder and current Executive Officer of Different Journeys which she started to ensure that her children had the opportunity to connect with a wider world beyond their bedrooms. Different Journeys provides opportunities for the autistic community, including carers, to find meaningful ways to connect and empower both themselves and their families to ensure they have every opportunity afforded to them so they can lead an ordinary life. She is passionate about advocating for carers and the autism community.