Julie Fisher

Carer and AUTHOR

W: www.juliefisher.com.au

TOPIC – Work and Care

DATE – Monday 30 November 2020

TIME – 7.00pm – 7.45pm



Julie is wife to Mick, mum to Caleb, Blake and Darcy and step-mum to Bree. She is also a carer for Darcy who has Down Syndrome. Julie and her family made a decision to provide a life of love, experiences and positivity for Darcy. Julie has written a book “The Unexpected Journey” in which she shares her family’s journey in a raw and real way, engaging the audience with her honesty and insights into the world of disability. Julie is passionate about advocating for inclusion and acceptance.

Julie has spoken in front of groups about her experiences with her son Darcy and making sure he gets every opportunity to participate in everything he would like to try. This year, Julie featured in Carers Victoria’s Truly Incredible Care Campaign.